Infocus: Pastics and metal

Climate change, the finiteness of fossil fuels and a rapidly rising demand for energy are among the challenges. For example, piping systems made of plastic cause less carbon dioxide emissions than metal piping systems. We offer complete plastic systems for nearly every application, whether in building technology, water treatment, cooling or other segments. Our plastic piping systems are leak proof, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and long-lived


The added value of our solutions: Plastics are “greener” than metals

Plastic piping systems of Georg Fischer offered applications and dimensions almost ever have better results than competitive materials. In the case of PP-R the carbon dioxide emissions are roughly five times lower than those of a compareable steel pipe. This is the result of an study that focused on the ecological footprint of various piping materials.


Our devotion

The environment and nature form the foundation of our lives. For that reason, Georg Fischer considers the consumption of energy and resources as well as the production of air emissions to be major challenges for an industry devoted to people.